Exhaustion lingers, and sleep cannot replenish. We become inundated, standing at the periphery of burn out as though we were drinking from a fire hydrant. Our focus lays shredded with the diversion of energy flow.

We had begun with an intact mass of drive and determination only to find that it has been tattered, battered and pieced apart by toxicity and drama that we’re entangled in. Our merry go round thoughts rile and crash as they dismantle our attention and sup of the reservoir of our mental energy, leaving us vacated.

Hours pass by a breeze with the catalyst of time in our hands, in an attempt to escape from the dull roars of life, idly preoccupying, draining and diverting our energy from creating value. Thus affecting the quality of work we create, leaving everything to seem ineffectual.

Often we assume our energy reservoir is overflowing, enough to take on more and say yes to responsibilities that aren’t ours, with an intent to be a helping hand. But soon the balance starts to tip and people begin to withdraw more than they deposit impelling you to fall into the negatives and eventually close the account.

Relationships are energy exchanges and often being self-aware of what they bring out in us, what volume, frequency their energy — saves us from potentially connecting with energy vultures & reserve our energy that would’ve wrecked our internal peace.

Every choice we make has an energetic impact, from the thoughts we entertain to the food we eat – subtly affecting us, leaking & diffusing into our life as a whole. By becoming conscious of how sensitive we are to others energies & aware of our energy reservoir, we can discipline the currency of time to devoid attention off of insignificant & redirect it to what is aligning with our priorities & what nourishes us.

Our energy is the currency of life — when we pay attention we buy that experience. So let us ensure our energy is flowing in the right places & grant ourselves space & time to declutter to what makes it complicated & permit ourselves to say no.

Here is to redirecting our focus,time & energy to the more significant things & showing up for ourselves with hopes of transforming our world.

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