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Want a website that encompasses all the dimensions of your work and socials? You  definitely would want to check out Milkshake.

All your flavors in just one link, representing you the best. Within just a few minutes, create your own link and put it up on your social handles:

STEP 2: PICK A CARD. Cards are the mini web pages you can create encompassing all your links through the links card or be an expansion of your youtube page by selecting the card on youtube.  You can swipe through each card like an instagram story.
STEP 3: ADD YOUR CONTENT. Personalize each of your cards with text, images, blog posts, podcast episodes, contact details and much more.
STEP 4: SHAKE UP YOUR LOOK. Through the option of shake it up in each card, you can choose which theme best suits your page and can further customize the fonts and colors of it.
STEP 5: PUBLISH IT TO YOUR SOCIAL HANDLE BIOS. Publish all the links in one, add it to your bio for your followers to connect through. And that it, it’s that simple.



Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.