The Toxic People Detox

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When they wave their red flag, raise your white flag and peace out.

There are ones who wave their red flags evidently, where as some push your buttons subtly. There are some in whose presence you feel uncomfortable, their energy your body rejects before they even speak. ⁣

There are ones who make you feel inadequate and battered while they pollute the rent up space in your life. There are ones who stampede on your boundaries, tamper your emotions and abuse your self-worth; depleting you of your energy.

At times we let these signs go unnoticed or ignore them by forgiving & absorbing. ⁣We chase them and crumble maybe because we rely on them? We let the emotional moochers chip us away and rip our self-apart like we mean nothing. We excuse them for the inconvenience they cause and assure ourselves it won’t happen again. But chances are it will. ⁣

So when they wave their red flag, raise your white flag and peace out. And for the ones you cannot escape; maybe relation out of context, history and proximity. You learn to filter, build your immunization and draw out your boundaries. For you, yourself announce your boundaries, self-respect by your actions. ⁣

Because you were not born to inhale their toxins, be dimmed and extinguished. You were not to be buried in their pollution and have your heart land filled with every beat. You were not be suffocated and stifled by their confinements, bathing in their unsettling energy. ⁣

You were not to ingest their poison but rather learn when to deal and not deal with their toxicity. You were to surround yourself by the ones who understand, support and bring you joy. Your energy is incredibly precious and your time is currency that rather would be spent on buying happiness and love rather than tears and pain.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.