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It’s Burger’O Clock 

Bun Fight serves some surf and turf options, with it’s beautifully framed interior – it is perfect place to catch a bite. Not only are they known for their burgers, but you can choose your buns ranging from healthier option to rich in butter ones. 

Looking for a rather different burger – grab a bite of Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger – it’s absolutely scrumptious!
Reloaded fries; 28 AED. Melted Cheese & Roasted Garlic Mayo, Rosemary Salt.
Want a mix of both burger & Mac & Cheese – try Max & Cheese Burger. It’s absolutely cheesy!
Pretzel Coated Halloumi Fries; 35 AED. Smothered In Hot Pepper Sauce.
Chick “N” Flip CheesyBurger; 42 AED. Choose Chargrilled or buttermilk fried chicken. Melting layer of Mozarella cheese, slaw. Plus Avocado and Buttermilk dip.
When you’re drownie eat a brownie – Brownie topped with whip cream chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

Till The Next Meal,
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Sabila Siddiqui

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