Relationships require attention to thrive.

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Relationships require attention to thrive. Openness to deepen.

At times our studies demands, our responsibilities urge and we are caught up in our little world as well as the virtual that it becomes a strain to bear with.

To make ends meet, we stress and scramble in the never caught-up-ness with what it entails and attention it demands that we forget to direct attention into the relationships around us, especially our family.

We assume that the bond and love is there – stagnant maybe, but there. That it’s ever lasting and by duty it will remain that we stop enacting love into our actions.

But in assuming so, we overlook how it’s withering away as we deplete it of the energy it requires to maintain the connection.

Distance begins to grow, and the bond begins to look thin and pale, losing its vibrancy. As our attention is pulled and yanked and split, our eye contacts lessened as we close ourselves behind doors and our sentences degrade to a few words.

As we start stonewalling and becoming more enclosed within ourselves and from the ones around us – relationships become drier and brittle and without intervention it slips through the cracks and we wake to a void, loneliness and disconnection from the world around us.

Like anything else love demands attention, no matter how deeply rooted may it be. Attention is the basic form of love that is to be required and given – to ourselves and to the ones who we want to retain. It requires effort and time – mutually.

Here’s to a gentle reminder that relationships require attention to thrive. Openness to deepen. May we remember to make the meaningful relationships around us a priority, to carve out time from our seemingly busy schedules to foster deeper connection because where our attention goes, our energy flows and love grows.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.