Summer Self Reflections

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The bliss of summer paints your skin in the golden shade of glee as a year of exhaustion dawns, heavying you into a shell of comfort.

A sanctuary where you dwell in your own presence; doing more of what re-energizes you as you Netflix (clearly you must accept it’s a 21st-century adverb now) with a side of popcorn and later fall asleep without an alarm for the next day.

Guilt, strenuous responsibilities and stress escapes, as procrastination and laziness slip in – much deserved though.

But, after a while, such a comfort enwraps you in its depths as you become more isolated. You have moments of exhaustive fits to which you don’t know to replenish, as your body seems to be swallowed inwards and whole. The routine becomes repetitive and draining as your thoughts tans shades darker with the lack of purpose and direction.

You begin reflecting on what a tremulous year it has been, to all what was lost and gained. To the shape of progress, and the shape you took at the end of it.
The onset of confusion starts bangaranging, as you outgrow your previous ways and contemplate on the direction you want to steer forward on.

Whilst in university to take the time to come with innovative ideas to pursue your creative passions becomes taxing that you merely continue what you were doing during the break. But with imposing studious commitments escaping the time laid out, you begin to look inwards; dusting your core values as the swivelling power of reflection refreshes your driving factors, painting a new perspective.

You refine the definition of your vision, as you experiment with what appeals and resonates through the scrolls. After a break by your sanctuary shell, with a mix of critical and reflective thinking, you pace forward steering in the direction you want to move ahead.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.