The Truth About Social Media In 3 Minutes.

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The Era Where Not Only Corona Virus Is Viral

I stood there with the virtual dimension encapsulated by the rectangle in my palm, pondering over the question of whether I am a watcher or a player?  With every snap I saw, every post I scrolled through, a tsunami of comparisons would overcome and the lack of myself was brought into scrutiny. For years these thoughts succumbed to my living, repressing my being when internally I yearned to create; dared to be visible.

In little more than a decade, Social media has swept away many facets of traditional life and even occupations. Our attitude towards interaction has changed, ideals and branding altered to suit the current trends. The impact of social media has gone from being an entertaining extra, to fully insinuating every aspect of daily life, politics, work, and education. It is the ultimate meshing of the digital and physical worlds. 

We all live and thrive on the fibers of the internet that course through the vast worlds of social media. It is where we bemoan over twitter, seek attention, seek for things that have already sought attention, sensationalize our lives and squander our time, incessantly.

The power of social media is an unparalleled fetter to our existence in today’s technological era, our every breath a mark of our virtual existence and every brain cell compressed into a post online.

Though Social Media now plays a much more positive-integrity in my life, I must say in the phase where I was the most vulnerable of the social media vagrants – with its exaggerated persona, it became the catalyst of time. Degrading my eyesight alongside the state of my mental health upon every aimless scroll.

Dark humor, a defense mechanism to any and every headline and event imaginable that shakes our channels, seems to be a trend many feel the must to unwillingly conform to. It thrives digitally, especially with the current year being the greatest meme birthing of all

However, that does not mean all the buttons of social media have wreaked havoc. After all, it has created ripples across millions of users, viewers; turning fates of people upside down by a few clicks on certain buttons. 

Personally, it gave me a platform to build upon passions, meddle with creativity and reach out and connect to many. It paves ways to opportunities, building upon skills to be a possible source of earning. For Content Creators, and marketers, social media becomes their medium of the profession, the powerhouses that have vested into these engines.

It has further amplified issues into trending news, morphed every field, demanding them to learn the wiring, analytics of social media – pushing them to google how to appease the current savvy taste. 

In the end, social media is a vessel of communication for the entire world. The connection at a tap, platform for a voice. A vessel that you communicate into and what you allow to be right. It is a matter of our own moral rectitude.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.