Environment; the Invisible influence. ⁣

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Be more mindful with what we endocytose into our circle.

Environment; the Invisible influence. ⁣

In the pell-mell-paced-tick-tocks we rarely reflect on the hearts we create homes in, the things and places we pour our energy into. ⁣

We rarely question does this inspire us? Does it invest back in us? Are the relationships we even have wholesome and enriching? ⁣

So often we don’t even realize how subtly the people we surround ourselves start coloring our world; modifying and shaping our perceptions and actions.⁣

We rarely acknowledge the power things, energies and people we fill into our sense of “an environment” can have in obstructing or paving our way to widened horizons. ⁣

How the people we surround ourselves with can suppress our sense of self or can activate our dormant-awaiting-to-be-bloomed-states? How at times it could extinguish your fire or reignite your embers. How our environment can have the power to drag or impel ourselves.⁣

Surely we all have an innate sense of control and difference in the extent to which we are influenced and respond. ⁣

But maybe if we’d acknowledge the power, this has on the various facets of ourselves; we’d be more mindful with what we endocytose into our circle.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.