Outsiders & Empathy

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With her jagged edges, she stands,
gazing upon the connection between the well versed,
as her language remains misunderstood,
dark and chaotic.

Her edges are sharp,
and grooves are too deep.
The rhythm of her heart
& blood pulsation
feel out of orbit.

An outsider,
an outcast
trying to jam to fit in puzzles;
blunting her edges,
painting herself with different hues to blend.
Yet within she is out of tune.

Often we don’t want to be vulnerable only to have our feelings invalidated. We decide to keep it in, trying to get a hold of the whirlwind of emotions bottling inside us. But the darkness within us expands, consuming until we are enwrapped with loneliness.

We break into a suffocating skin, walking around with eyes carving our back as we search for a heart to lay our self in. We have their praises as appetisers and gag at their curses like aftertaste, fitting squares into little round holes and breaking the whole to make it hold it.

Later in solitude, we slip back into our skin, fitting our own head back on. While deep within, we’re hoping that there is someone who will hear us out without judgment as we unfold events, layers to the point of transparency or at least translucency.

At times they come along the empathisers – The digester of labels, the founder of commonality; subtracters of differences and weavers of unity.

They embrace the differences as individuality; find mutualness in shared experience as they offer their patient ear and nonjudgmental embracement to create a sanctuary.

Their softness purrs and feels like home amongst the roughness of this world.

The world craves for it – understanding, accepting, sanctuary amongst ourselves and around.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.