Progress Isn’t Always Linear

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At times our priorities become a blur, and we lose focus of our site. We spiral down into the shelves of bad days and lose the drive, that push almost as though it was an adrenal phase — that wasn’t meant to last long.

Progress begins to feel slow and tedious — or merely a pile of relapses. We begin to question ourselves and our decision, the pain of it all feeding our self-doubt.

We sit amongst the vile plants and weeds that remain and watch as people tend to their gardens of hope — desaturating whilst our identity etched with exuberance and passion pieces away.

Their words and energy dismantle our ardency that we tried to keep arduously intact. The void within us expands and consumes leaving us at unease — propelling us to escape to what leaves us detached from reality.

We begin to fail in the areas we normally excel in. Lack behind in areas — we normally outdo; it frustrates us, makes us doubt our ability and who we are as a person.

It is during those days especially do we need to be kind and patient with ourselves. To understand that it is not necessarily happening to us, but for us. That it’s an awakening to reflect and reorganize.

It is to embrace that labels of the lows are temporary phases, that can be renamed by choosing to be consistent in what serves us and have the grace to let go of what doesn’t.

It is to realize that progress isn’t always linear, But it has its twists, plateaus, side slopes, dips, and leaps – a wholly unique journey designed for us.

For It takes pain and healing; rejection and redirection; loss and resiliency – the choice to fail forward when fallen.

Acknowledge that there will be some days the journey we envisioned for us will be going to plan. But there will be days when things will come out of nowhere like Michael Scott on an unsuspecting Jim Halpert, through which we will have flounder around a little and razzle-dazzle, hoping to figure it all during the way.

MSTP Life Lessons: Forward Progress Isn't Always Linear – UnABridged

This is wholly part of our life’s cycle of blissful ups that we need to be grateful for and the upsetting lows that we are ought to be patient through.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.