More Foe Than A Friend.

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Losses run deep, and games of maneuvering keep upgrading.

We have come a long way, transitioning from playing snakes and ladders, to the snake games on our phones, to dealing with them in our reality.

They walk in to our lives with their masked identities, slithering in and disguising themselves amongst our supporters. They become our cheerleaders; upholding us, till we lean on them. Until one day they begin whispering discouragements, confining and cuffing us. The ones who we let our walls down for are now cutting our vulnerabilities deeper. Gaslighting and combusting us from within.

Though the swiftness of their sweetness to backstab breaks records, it opens our eyes to the uncertainty that their change lingers us with. We question what just happened as the paranoia rages, while we yearn for a sanctuary for our mind and thoughts to place in.

Losses run deep, and games of maneuvering keep upgrading. But the experiences we have faced equip us to respond better. It ingrains within us the ability to humbly rise above the ones who whispered discouragements and not take it personally.

Because when we finally dig our own heels in enough to gain some momentum and manifest self improvement, we undoubtedly meet resistance manifested itself in animosity, gossip, being scapegoated, having passive aggressive comments passed on about us, and be outright sabotaged – at times from the ones we least expect.

Our environment, our mindset is possibly the greatest asset in propelling us forward. Both of which are intertwined into affecting one another. Our duty is to ensure we surround our self with support and kindness on our journey of upgrading our hustle and mindset.

At the end, though people may leave us, we have to ensure we never leave ourselves.

Sabila Siddiqui

A medical student who is passionate about content creation; taking the form of writing, graphic art, videography, and photography.